How To Do Perfect Squat & Get Bigger Butt

Worried about how to get a bigger butt? Getting bigger butt seems like a really difficult task. But it don’t have to be.

It demands exercise, proper diet, consistency and patience. It does not happen overnight neither it is as easy as it seems on Instagram 30 days squat challenges.

If you are looking for bigger booty and trying that Instagram 30 days squat challenge then you must stop. Because doing squats every day will not help you achieve your goals.

You should take some rest between your squat days as our muscles need some time to rest and repair themselves.

If you do squat every day eventually you will start to feel soreness in buttock muscles.

Add some weight as days passes. Just doing air squats will not help in long run. It will tone your butt and good for beginners but to grow glute muscles you need to add some weight which will create some resistance to butt muscles.

Most important thing about squat is doing them correctly. Many women go wrong here. Watch the following GIF by Cosmopolitan which show right way of doing squats.

Spurce- Cosmopolitan

Spurce- Cosmopolitan 

Keep your feet flat on ground, spine neutral and knees in right position.

Pay attention to your diet. Add protein and green leafy vegetables. To understand step by step process to get bigger booty visit DIY Home Remedies

Whats The Best Stethoscope? Answer For Nursing and EMT’s

stethoscope reviews

Recently my nephew visited our home for her vacation. She is a beautiful girl with a great ambition to become a nurse and recently got the admission to the Nursing school. I can’t explain her happiness; she is looking forward to getting the knowledge of one of best and noble profession in the world.

As she visited our home; me and my wife decided to gift her something that will help her in her education. After going through a lot of thought process, we finalized that we will gift her a best stethoscope so she does not require to buy one for herself. Whenever you think to give someone a gift makes sure that you are giving the best thing for that person so he/she get benefited from it.

We weren’t aware that there is hundred of stethoscope brands are available out there in the market and it become extremely difficult to us to decide which one should we buy to give her gift.

We visited almost every shop to see the stethoscope and asked almost every friend to help us out on this issue to get a good stethoscope for our nephew. But all efforts are gone in vain. We failed miserably, then my wife found out something that helped us to decide the best stethoscope to gift her. I know many of you gone through the same problem whenever you decide to gift a stethoscope. Even student of nursing and EMTs also face the same problem, but we found the answer to this question through a web portal named as This web site comes handy and guides us through the whole process of choosing best stethoscope. Even this people have done extensive research on the stethoscope and provided all pros and cons of almost all stethoscope. They have outlined few stethoscope that is really helpful for all kind of student i.e Nursing, EMT, Paramedics etc. They termed Littmann Cardiology III as the best stethoscope.